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Breakthrough Framework

Unlock Your Potential: Transform Limitations into Achievable Opportunities

In Lifehack's transformative 4-Pillar Breakthrough Framework, discover the power to turn any challenge into a triumph. This paradigm-shifting course has empowered millions to redefine their lives by revealing the keys to success.

Create a roadmap for conquering obstacles, whether it's a career change, breaking habits, stepping out of the comfort zone, or enhancing relationships. Through a strategic progression, this course provides actionable steps, guiding you to unlock your potential and make lasting positive changes.


Unlock Your Potential with a Structured Approach

Who is it for?

Professionals: Navigate career changes and enhance productivity.

Habit Seekers: Break free from undesirable habits and cultivate positive routines.

Comfort Zone Challengers: Step confidently outside your comfort zone

What's Inside

Here are some of the key topics that's covered in this program:

Pillar 1: Find the Hidden Opportunity

Discover the art of identifying limitations, transforming them into opportunities, and crafting clear Opportunity Statements. With engaging video lessons and practical worksheets, learn to navigate challenges like the morning rush, converting them into efficient routines.

Pillar 2: Plan Your Progression Stairway

Uncover the power of Progress-Based Goals and SMARTER Goal frameworks. Through insightful lessons and hands-on guidance, evolve your goals into a well-defined Progression Stairway. Dive into a case study on evening/morning routines, setting your own North Star, milestones, and actionable steps.

Pillar 3: Invest by Energy, Prioritize by Time

Master the Energy First Mindset and the art of balancing Energy and Time. With a focused, action-oriented approach, create a personalized plan to apply these principles in your daily life. Leverage weekly blocks to ensure alignment with your SMARTER goals.

Pillar 4: Make a Self-Sustaining Engine

Explore the dynamics of trends and harness their power to create a Self-Sustaining Engine. Through concise video lessons and practical worksheets, identify Keystone Habits, establish Daily Practices, and construct Feedback Loops. Apply these insights to your evolving goal, ensuring sustained growth and positive momentum.

What You'll Get

Practical Insights: Simple and easy actionable methods to overcome challenges without overcomplicated theory. 

Confidence and Clarity: Develop a confident mindset and a clear vision for what you really want and what's really stopping you.

Structured Goal Setting: Master the art of setting SMARTER goals and creating Progression Stairways that get you moving step by step.

Time and Energy Management Skills: Prioritize and optimize not just your time, but also your energy and focus.

Self-Sustaining Strategies: To build your momentum for growth that sticks, not one-hit wonders.

What They Say

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A series of 20+ short and concise lessons with HD videos narrated by Simon, along with challenges, quizzes and guides.

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Lifetime access on any digital device to refer back and reinforce your learning.

Daily and weekly reflection exercises to keep you motivated and inspired.

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