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Hack Procrastination

Master the Art of Action:  An Anti-Procrastination Workshop Based On Reality

Unravel the mystery behind procrastination and empower yourself to take charge of your motivation. This transformative program goes beyond traditional approaches. Procrastination is not the enemy — it's just a misunderstood primal defense mechanism driven by human nature.

In this program, we break it down to the basics, identifying the ongoing battle between motivation and resistance. From situations like "Motivation Mirage" and "Expectation Paralysis," you'll gain a profound understanding of your procrastination tendencies. The key? Recognize your state, adjust your approach, and tip the balance towards action. From beginner to advanced, you'll get actionable steps to tackle procrastination at its core.


Procrastination Is Not The Enemy

Who is it for?

Anyone Battling Procrastination: Boost productivity and conquer deadlines with targeted strategies.

Seeking Personal Growth: Turn aspirations into actions, overcoming hurdles along the way. Liberate your artistic endeavors from procrastination's grip.

Looking for Lasting Change: Adapt the program to fit your demanding professional schedule. Balance family responsibilities while pursuing personal and professional goals.

What's Inside

Here are some of the key topics that's covered in this program:

Demystify Procrastination

Challenge common misconceptions about procrastination, clarifying its distinctions from poor time management, discipline, and laziness. Dive into the emotional factors that drive procrastination in the context of a demanding schedule, and understand why traditional solutions fall short for busy professionals.

Understand Procrastination Behavior

Explore the Procrastination Matrix, an invaluable tool to identify your unique procrastination tendencies. Uncover strategies designed to break free from your specific procrastination patterns in the midst of a hectic lifestyle.

Get Tailored Tactics For Your Personality

Craft strategies suited to the unique challenges of balancing work and family life, and set achievable milestones that propel you forward amid a busy schedule.

Go Beyond Discipline and "Willpower"

Move beyond temporary fixes by adopting strategies that align with your inherent human nature, ensuring lasting results and concrete progress.

What You'll Get

Pragmatic Insights: Get practical strategies and quick tactics specifically for busy people in hectic and tough environments.

Practical Tools and Techniques: Simple and easy actionable methods to get unstuck that work in any circumstances.

Confidence and Clarity: Develop a confident mindset and a clear vision for your goals.

Tailored Guidance: Different approaches for different procrastination patterns, not generic "one-size-fits-all" tactics.

What They Say

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A series of 20+ short and concise lessons with HD videos narrated by Simon, along with challenges, quizzes and guides.

Downloadable cheatsheets, audios and exercises to solidify the concepts in your memory and consciousness.

Lifetime access on any digital device to refer back and reinforce your learning.

Daily and weekly reflection exercises to keep you motivated and inspired.

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