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Utilize professional guidance and dynamic tools to break through procrastination and master time management, freeing you up for the things you truly love.

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Rediscover the Joys of Living...

More Time. More Life. Less Regret.

Have you ever found yourself questioning if life was meant to be an endless juggling act between work, finances, and family?

Countless people reach the sunset of their lives only to realize they wish they'd done more. They wish they'd devoted more time to what truly mattered and less to what didn't.

The tragedy? By then, it's too late to turn back the hands of time.

But we're determined to rewrite this narrative. Our mission is to eliminate a future filled with regret.

We're committed to providing you with the tools to inspire meaningful change before it's too late.

What Awaits You...

An innovative combination of expert training, tailored coaching, self-paced learning, and engaging challenges, all designed to help you create a personal framework for a life filled with more options, more optimism, and more joy.

A comprehensive life system designed for the busy individuals who yearn to extract the most out of life, in the least amount of time. We provide you with actionable, step-by-step systems that deliver tangible results.

Because life is nothing without the time to live it.

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Full Access To LifeHack's Premium Library

$3,500+ Value

Unlock the gateway to endless possibilities with Full Access to LifeHack's Premium Library. This rich collection, combining an adaptive curriculum and a vibrant community, is purposefully crafted to help you master your time, liberating you to pursue your passions.

Dive into our diverse suite of premium courses, engaging video lessons, enlightening guides, practical exercises, innovative digital tools, weekly challenges, and interactive workshops. It's more than just self-improvement; it's about optimizing your life, creating an abundance of time for what truly matters to you.

Premium Courses like these ...

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$997 Value
Course Spotlight

Time Mastery Framework


Join us on a transformative journey with the "Time Mastery Framework" workshop, where we'll guide you on how to optimize your time, focus on what's essential, and rejuvenate your life. Our techniques help you prioritize tasks and manage energy effectively while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. This framework doesn't just promote productivity, but encourages creating more time for things you truly love. Start this journey today and unlock a life with less stress, more achievements, and plenty of time for joy and passion.

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$397 Value
Course Spotlight

Make It Happen


Dive into your potential with the "Make It Happen" online course — a 3-week program designed to fast-track your path to success. This course covers pivotal topics such as focus, overcoming procrastination, and nurturing a growth mindset. It's not just about reaching your goals; it's about harmonizing success with personal growth and passions. By optimizing your time and energy, "Make It Happen" helps create space in your life for the things you love. Begin your journey today and pave the way to a fulfilling life of accomplishment and joy.

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Tablet and mobile phone showing the Mindful Focus Toolkit
$197 Value
Course Spotlight

The Mindful Focus Toolkit


Experience transformation with "The Mindful Focus Toolkit," an online course packed with practical exercises and guided sessions designed for real-world stress. Suited to high-pressure schedules, our toolkit offers quick-result exercises and longer, deep-impact sessions, all in a hands-free audio format for maximum flexibility. With our toolkit, you'll navigate stress, gain clarity, and find more time for the people and things you love. Begin your journey today and discover a new way to thrive amidst life's challenges.

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Photo of the Full Life Planner Digital version
$100 Value
Product Spotlight

The Full Life Planner


Welcome "The Full Life Planner," Lifehack's quintessential digital system that amplifies your time, minimizes distractions, and propels you towards goals in all facets of life. With a heritage of 15 years of best practices and proven success formulas, this planner is your personalized success companion. It helps set meaningful milestones, convert inspiration into actionable plans, prioritize efficiently, and gain clarity. With "The Full Life Planner," not only will you be on the path to achievement but you'll also create more time for what you love. Get started today and step into the joys of a streamlined life.

Photo of the content bundled within the Breakthrough Framework Course
$197 Value
Course Spotlight

The Breakthrough Framework


Discover "The Breakthrough Framework" online course — your key to overcoming obstacles and unleashing your full potential. This course helps transform challenges into turning points that lead to life-changing breakthroughs. It’s more than just conquering obstacles; it’s about efficiently using your time and energy, creating more room for the things and people you adore. With LifeHack's unique 4-step framework, each challenge becomes an opportunity – a hidden gem. Start with "The Breakthrough Framework" today, transform challenges into opportunities, and create more time for what truly matters to you.

And More Things You're Getting With All-Access ...

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New Monthly & Weekly Workshops with Live Support

LifeHack's premium membership delivers dynamic and personalized learning experiences. Whether you seek live interactive coaching or prefer learning at your own pace with flexible, on-demand content, we have you covered. And, why not enjoy both? In addition to engaging video lessons, benefit from live office hours with experts ready to support you. Our mission extends beyond self-improvement; we aim to optimize your learning time, freeing up more moments for the things you love. Begin this enriching journey with us today, and make every moment count.

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Different Styles For Different Needs

We embrace and cater to your unique learning style and timing needs. Be it bite-sized solutions for quick insights or deeper explorations for comprehensive understanding, we've got you covered. Our rich content spans from efficient 3-minute reads and 10-minute exercises to detailed multi-day workshops, catering to a multitude of schedules and learning preferences. Our mission is not just to foster learning, but to optimize it, freeing up your time to invest in the pursuits and people you love. Begin your optimized learning journey with us today, and experience the joy of knowledge gained without time lost.

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Questions That Get Answers

Your queries are our priority. Whenever a concept eludes you or you wish for more in-depth coverage on a topic, we're here to assist. We provide comprehensive answers to save you time and offer content from succinct 3-minute reads and 10-minute exercises to extensive multi-day workshops, tailored to your unique learning style and schedule. Our objective is to optimize your learning experience, freeing up your time for activities you love. Start your enlightening journey with us today, and learn to save time as you gain knowledge.

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Positive Accountability And Support

We believe in the power of community. We offer accountability groups and shared experiences, providing the vital support you need to overcome challenges. Our unique attribute is our dedicated, focused, and distraction-free virtual space, which fosters sustainable progress. We aim not just to facilitate growth, but to maximize your time doing what you truly love. Join us today, and be a part of a community that values personal growth and cherishes the joy of doing what you love.

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How We Do Things Differently

Not your Typical Community

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A Private Dedicated Platforming

LifeHack All-Access hosts a private community on a dedicated platform that is specifically away from social feeds (NOT Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

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Focused On Positive Progress

This is a focused, curated, positive and distraction-free virtual space. Everything is about helping you make concrete progress while getting the right support and feedback to make it sustainable.

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One Place, One Login

Get training, receive coaching, connect with everyone through live-chats, direct messages, and more... all in one place with one login.

Portrait of Simon Lee, Chief Content Architect of LifeHack

Meet Your Guide

Simon Lee
Lifehack Chief Content Architect

Simon is the chief creator and driving force behind LifeHack's most important training, classes and courses.

Working with Founder and CEO Leon, Simon has spent years distilling LifeHack's vast library of knowledge into actionable nuggets of wisdom for everyday life.

If you’ve ever read an article, downloaded a guide, or gone through our classes and courses... then Simon's been quietly communicating with you in the background.

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15-Day Money Back Guarantee

You get a 15-day money back guarantee on your first subscription fee whether annual or monthly. If during this time you decide it’s not for you, just email us at and we'll give you a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? we have answers! We want you to be 100% clear of the success this will achieve for you.

+ What if I miss the first few weeks of the 4-Week Workshop?

Don't worry! All lessons, videos, downloads and tools from anything you missed will be available to go through in your own time. Also, everybody's progress is different and we take this into account. It's totally flexible, but we just try to set a structure so that we can have a focus to cover every week.

+ How much does it cost?

You will get everything in the bundle and LifeHack All-Access for only $45/month. Our regular monthly subscription costs $99/month.

Every subscription also comes with our LifeHack Guarantee. So if you don't find the tools and support you need, reach out to and let us know. If you email us within the first 15 days, we will offer you a full refund.

+ What access will I have to Simon Lee as a member?

If you're looking for Simon, this is where you'll find him!

He publishes new, members-only content regularly and will be hosting live events. Additionally, Simon personally replies to direct messages and participates where he can in community discussions.

+ Will these skills work for me?

All our training is the condensed wisdom and knowledge of over a decade of LifeHack. These are practical methods that work in everyday life. And been proven time and again by thousands of readers who've only practiced one skill in this course. Imagine what you can achieve with them all!

+ How soon will I start seeing results?

If you really, truly put this training into practice? You can start to see change right away.

Because we're not targeting just one-off change. We're want you to fundamentally change how you think... and that kind of change is lifelong. 

+ What if LifeHack All-Access isn't right for me?

It's okay! You get a 15-day money back guarantee on your first subscription fee whether annual or monthly. If you've gone through the training, tried to apply it and still aren't getting results --- email us and we'll send you a refund.

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What You're Getting

  • Full access to our library of premium courses, downloads and tools ($3,500+ value)
  • Member-only channels and community forums
  • Peer-to-peer messaging with other members
  • A mix of live events, coaching, community & video training
  • Growth-oriented weekly and monthly challenges
  • Access to pre-recorded workshops and video training
  • Downloadable cheatsheets, audios and exercises to solidify the concepts in your memory and consciousness.
  • Weekly exercises, accountability support, and experience sharing discussions
  • Connect with like-minded members from all around the world to share wisdom, get motivated, and support your journey
  • Bonus live call Q&A sessions with Simon to get the inside scoop
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