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Nurture your goals while achieving the perfect time management balance with LifeHack's custom app solution. Includes free premium downloads, in-depth lessons and hands-on learning.

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Self-guided programs for the independent learner.

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Actionable Motivation on Demand Handbook

Learn a simple and practical method to instantly spark motivation for yourself and be able to do it on demand.

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Full Life Framework: Essential Guide

The ultimate primer - learn the 5 core principles to living a Full Life

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Learn Anything Fast Handbook

Quickly grasp a new concept, skill, or idea and save hours of wasted mental energy and time using regular methods

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Make it Happen Handbook

Learn how to start making your goals a reality by following a proven strategy for success and removing all distractions/excuses.

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Guides and Scripts to tackle life’s most common challenges.

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Book Summaries

Summarizing the best books with actionable guidance so you can implement the concepts easily and immediately.

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Mindful Exercises

Calming exercises designed train your mindset - listen at home or during your commute to prime yourself for what’s next.

Mindful Audio Exercises

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Reduce Stress & Worries

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10m 35s

Goal Setting Visualization

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8m 3s

Envisioning Your Best Life

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9m 17s

Letting Go of Anxiety

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11m 29s

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