Achieve The Things You Want, No Matter How Busy Your Time.

Achieve The Things You Want, No Matter How Busy Your Time.

Explore how to know and grow yourself with tailored personal strategies that fit busy schedules.

Explore how to know and grow yourself with tailored personal strategies that fit busy schedules.

Logos of websites that have featured LifeHack
Logos of websites that have featured LifeHack
Logos of websites that have featured LifeHack

Is work-life balance a myth or a possibility?

Prioritize self-care and personal growth while thriving professionally.

Uncover your self-care blind spots

Our laser-targeted AI assessments dive deep to pinpoint the areas where small tweaks can supercharge your well-being. And if you need extra guidance, our human coaching team is just a click away to illuminate your path.

Make time for what matters most

Seamlessly integrate your passions into your routine with our intuitive goal-setting and time-blocking tools. Hyper-personalized AI prompts empower you to design a lifestyle aligned with your values.

Master the art of work-life harmony

Unlock a treasure trove of resources and strategies designed to help you stress less and live more.

Are you living a life true to yourself?

Discover your passion, define your purpose, and cultivate a mindset for authentic personal growth.

Pinpoint priorities and uncover your core values.

Our thought-provoking prompts deliver laser-focused insights to illuminate your core values and life vision. Personalized AI guidance helps you clarify your deepest priorities. Go beyond surface-level self-reflection to uncover what truly matters most.

Conquer negative thought patterns

Opt-in to get personalized guidance from our human coaches. Identify and overcome mental blocks, replacing negative self-talk with empowering beliefs that propel you towards authentic growth.

Pen your thoughts, capture your insights.

Capture, organize, and revisit your reflections with our user-friendly journal interface, driven by thought provoking Growth Prompts that help you ask the right questions.

Nurture a mindset for authentic growth

Dive deep into the world of emotional mastery and self-awareness with our comprehensive training programs and resources, designed to help you overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a growth mindset.

Crystallize your North Star with AI-powered goal setting

Our AI Coach analyzes your inputs to identify hidden needs and recommend personalized Northstar goals that resonate with what you want to achieve.

Is distraction derailing your dreams?

Supercharge your productivity and focus to achieve your goals with ease.

Identify your productivity pitfalls

Targeted assessments pinpoint your time-wasting habits and productivity blockers. AI-generated insights deliver actionable feedback to course-correct.

Fast-track your progress with book summaries that drive action

Dive into expertly crafted summaries designed for easy understanding and practical application, empowering you to turn knowledge into results.

Simplify your journey with guided action plans

Navigate complex goals with confidence using our carefully designed action recipes that break down objectives into clear, manageable steps.

From Goals to Milestones, effortlessly

Transform your goals into achievable action plans with personalized milestone recommendations, saving you time and energy in the planning process.

Create flexible Focus Blocks for consistent progress

Achieve your goals with customizable Focus Blocks that adapt to your schedule, ensuring steady progress even when time is limited.

How It Works

Assess, Align, Achieve, Adapt:
Your Path to Continuous Growth

Step 1. Assess

Step 1. Assess

Gain deep insights into your current state, strengths, and areas for improvement through powerful self-driven assessments, available in both comprehensive and bite-sized formats.

Step 2. Align

Step 2. Align

Set meaningful goals that resonate with your aspirations, from big-picture North Stars to concrete, actionable steps

Set meaningful goals that resonate with your aspirations, from big-picture North Stars to concrete, actionable steps

Step 3. Achieve

Step 3. Achieve

Optimize your time and effort to make consistent progress towards your goals, even amidst the demands of a busy lifestyle.

Step 4. Adapt & Accelerate

Step 4. Adapt & Accelerate

Expand your skills with our curated library of quick, ready-to-use resources and in-depth training materials.

Ready To Get Started?

Monthly at $44.95 or $29/mo with annual billing.

Transform Your Life and Make Every Moment Count 

Get Your Life Back On Track

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Badge

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

You get a 15-day money back guarantee on your first subscription fee whether annual or monthly. If during this time you decide it’s not for you, just email us at and we'll give you a full refund.

Start Your Journey Risk Free

Monthly at $44.95 or $29/mo with annual billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? we have answers! We want you to be 100% clear of the success this will achieve for you.

How can this membership help me save time?

LifeHack Membership is laser focused on helping you take back control of your time. We do that by guiding you in recovering lost time gaps, getting a grip on your time commitments, and making sure you spend your time on things that really matter to you.

I'm already busy. How much time do I need to dedicate to make the most of this membership?

Our programs and resources are designed with maximum pragmatism and flexibility in mind. They are broken down into easily digestible content that can be engaged with in as little as 15 minutes a day. Consistent efforts, even if small, can lead to significant improvements in time management and productivity.

I'm not tech-savvy. Will I be able to utilize the programs and tools effectively?

Absolutely! Our offerings cater to individuals at all levels of tech experience. The A.I. Assistants and Copilots, for example, require no complex coding or technical expertise. We provide intuitive interfaces and guided tutorials for all our tools and programs.

What kind of results can I expect from the LifeHack Membership?

Members have reported improvements in time management, increased productivity, reduced stress, and a greater ability to focus on high-value activities. We offer a satisfaction guarantee: if you've applied our training and are not seeing results, you can avail a refund within 15 days of your first subscription payment.

Will I have access to any new programs or tools added?

Absolutely! We consistently enhance our offerings, introducing fresh programs and tools across various areas such as Action Recipes, Action Audio, Book Summaries, and even new courses and workshops. As a LifeHack Member, you'll enjoy exclusive access to these exciting additions based on the features included in your plan, all at no additional expense.

Can I get personalized support if I'm struggling with a specific time management issue?

Yes! If you're an All-Access member, you'll have access to personalized coaching with tailor-made guidance. Additionally, we're here to assist with comments related to any specific resources, so feel free to ask away.

Can I cancel my membership if it doesn't meet my expectations?

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time.

Is the LifeHack Membership a one-time payment or a recurring fee?

The LifeHack Membership is a subscription service, with options for monthly and annual subscriptions. Rest assured, there are no hidden costs or additional fees beyond the membership price.

Reclaim Your Time and Purpose

Best Value


Monthly at $44.95

or $29/mo with annual billing

Our most comprehensive coaching, training, and support.

Get Started Now

Personalized Welcome Insights Report

Gain deep self-awareness and direction with your comprehensive, personalized analysis of your current state, strengths, and areas for growth, tailored to optimizing your time-life balance and overall well-being.

Growth Prompt Library

Accelerate your personal growth with our curated collection of thought-provoking mini assessments, designed to spark powerful insights, deepen self-discovery, and help you make breakthroughs in your development journey.

Time Flow System Primer

A concise program unlocking the core concepts and mechanics.

Time Flow System App

Integrate the Time Flow System into your life and get an instant time boost

Action Recipes

A treasure trove of problem-solving templates and action plans.

Actionable Mindful Sessions

A toolkit of mindful exercises to overcome mental roadblocks across a variety of everyday topics.

Actionable Book Summaries

Curated essential insights and actionable steps from global experts.

Skill Upgrade Training

Our full premium training library for self-paced learning, or connect with seasoned mentors for personalized guidance when you need it.  Includes 6 comprehensive courses.

Interactive Workshops

Short and to-the-point interactive training sessions that guide you in effectively implementing the Time Flow System and mastering various time-related Skill Upgrades.

Interactive Coaching & Support

Connect, get guidance, and tailored-for-you personal insights directly from our LifeHack coaches.

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